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TitleSeverityLast Updated
Text Aligns Improperly on WinXP/Win2KLow11-Feb-2005
MIDI Import Generates a Large Number of ErrorsLow10-Feb-2005
Printed Text Is Not WYSIWYGMedium11-Feb-2005
Bad Chord Formulas and Fingerings in the Chord DictionaryLow10-Feb-2005
Editor Hangs During PlaybackHigh11-Feb-2005
Power Tab Editor Crashes When Removing A GuitarHigh06-Mar-2005
Mandolin Tuning is IncorrectLow10-Feb-2005
MIDI Volume Is Set to Maximum When Playback StartsLow11-Feb-2005
Power Tab Editor Causes Strange Playback In Other MIDI SequencersLow11-Feb-2005
Let Ring Markers Not Implemented CorrectlyLow11-Feb-2005
Repeat Bars Within Repeat Bars Cause Playback to HangHigh10-Feb-2005
Note Beams, Rests, Thick Music Bars Are Not Being Drawn or PrintedLow10-Feb-2005
5 String Banjos Do Not Playback ProperlyLow11-Feb-2005
Setup Program Stalls During InstallationMedium10-Feb-2005
Standard 5 String Bass Tuning is IncorrectLow10-Feb-2005
Bugs 1 - 15 of 30Go to page:  1  2

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