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Power Tab Parser
Power Tab Parser is a simple wxWidgets based program that can read and write Power Tab (.ptb) files. Contains code useful to developers wishing to write software that can convert, view, play or edit Power Tab (.ptb) files.

Current Version: 1.1.2
Added/Updated: 06-Aug-2007
License: Released under the BSD open source license.

Project hosted at Google Code

Power Tab Lucy
Lucy is a C# based tool for converting DigiTech XML preset files. Currently, the only supported conversion is Gnx4 Workstation files (.g4p) to RP-250 files. (.rp250)

Current Version:
Added/Updated: 11-Jun-2007
License: Released under the GNU General Public License 2.0.

Project hosted at Google Code


Power Tab Developers Support Group
This group is for developers seeking answers to questions and problems they have concerning any type of Power Tab related software development.

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