Support Center

Support Policy

The services and software on this Web site are free, and therefore, all support is provided to users on a voluntary basis. Furthermore, we are under no obligation to respond to every message we receive. We will, however, do our best to reply to as many as possible.

Steps Towards Finding a Solution to Your Problem

  1. Search the Knowledge Base (see later on this page)
  2. If step 1 yields no results, post a message to the Support Groups (see later on this page)

Support Services

Knowledge Base
Search a database of support articles for a solution to your question or problem.
Support Groups
A set of support related discussion groups that users can post questions to.
Newbie Guide
A small guide intended for novice users (newbies) that provides an overview of Power Tab software and the Power Tab community.
A listing of commonly asked questions and their corresponding answers.
How-To Articles
A listing of articles containing step by step instructions on how to perform a particular task.
Bug List
A listing of articles that detail information about verified bugs.

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