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Power Tab Support Groups

The Power Tab Support Groups are a set of free online discussion groups hosted at Google. The groups allow members to interact with one another by sending messages via e-mail (simulating a mailing list), or by using a web interface provided by Google. (simulating a discussion forum) The messages posted to the groups are search indexed, thus providing an easy way for users to find an answer to a question using content in previously posted messages.

For more information on the Google Groups service, take the Google Groups Tour.

Browsing, Searching and Posting

The Power Tab Support Groups are publicly accessible to anyone using a Web browser. To browse or search a group, simply click on the Browse this Group link for the group you want to browse or search. If you wish to post a message to one of the Power Tab Support Groups, you will first need to create an account at Google. Once your account has been successfully created, click the Join this Group link for the group you want to join. After you've joined the group, you can begin posting messages.

Available Power Tab Support Groups

The following is a list of Power Tab related support groups managed by the owners of this Web site:

Google Groups Help

If you're having trouble with your Google account, or you would like to find out more about the features of your account, check out the Google Groups Support page.

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