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Power Tab Editor
A tablature authoring tool for the Windows operating system. System requirements and screenshots included.


The Power Tab Newsletter
An e-mail based announcement service used to keep users informed of the latest Power Tab news.

The Power Tab .net News Feed
An RSS news feed service used to keep users informed of updates on the Power Tab .net web site.

Site Status
Displays the current status of the site database and services.


Developer Center
Information useful to developers, and links to Power Tab related software projects.


Knowledge Base
Search a database of support articles for a solution to your question or problem.

Support Groups
A set of support related discussion groups that users can post questions to.

Newbie Guide
A small guide intended for novice users (newbies) that provides an overview of Power Tab software and the Power Tab community.

A listing of commonly asked questions and their corresponding answers.

How-To Articles
A listing of articles containing step by step instructions on how to perform a particular task.

Bug List
A listing of articles that detail information about verified bugs.


Power Tab Editor v1.7
A tablature editor designed for use on the Windows operating system.

Power Tab File Explorer v1.1
A tool that extracts file and song information from all Power Tab files located in a folder and exports the data to a text file.

Power Tab .98 to 1.0 Convertor (.pot to .ptb convertor)
A tool that converts old Power Tab .98 format files (.pot) to version 1.0 files (.ptb) so they can be viewed by the latest version of the Editor.

Power Tab TrueType Font
The font used to render the music symbols within Power Tab Editor.


Report a Bug
If you've found a bug in any of the software found on this Web site, report it here.

Send Feedback
If you have a suggestion, feature request, or general comment concerning any of the services or software found on this Web site, submit it here.

Contact Webmaster
If you've found a problem with the Web site, or have some type of legal issue or non-support related inquiry about Power Tab, submit it here.

Area 51

Main Page
A blog, discussions, and upcoming project information.


Main Page
View the latest news updates, blog updates, knowledge base updates, and support group updates in one centralized location.

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