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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

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QuestionLast Updated
Where Can I Download Tabs (.ptb files) for Power Tab Editor?12-Aug-2006
Are There Any Plans to Create a MacIntosh Build of the Editor?08-Jul-2007
What Operating Systems Are Supported By Power Tab Editor?20-Aug-2007
Where Can I Download The Power Tab Player?11-Feb-2005
Is It Possible To Alter The Speed Of The Score During Playback?11-Feb-2005
Is It Possible To Create Drum Scores With Power Tab Editor 1.7?10-Feb-2005
Where Can I Download Power Tab Editor?10-Feb-2005
Is It Possible To Transpose A Score To A Different Key?10-Feb-2005
Is Power Tab Editor v1.7 Supported On Windows Vista?20-Aug-2007
Is Power Tab Editor Available in Non-English Languages?10-Feb-2005
Can I Import ASCII Tabs Into Power Tab Editor?11-Feb-2005
Is It Possible to Loop Playback?10-Feb-2005
Are There Any Plans To Create A Linux or *nix Build Of The Editor?28-May-2007
When Is Power Tab Editor Version "n" Being Released?11-Feb-2005
Can I Add a Vocal Line/Staff to a Score?11-Feb-2005
Questions 1 - 15 of 34Go to page:  1  2  3

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