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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

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QuestionLast Updated
Is It Possible To Import Digital Audio (.mp3, .wav files) Into Power Tab Editor?10-Feb-2005
Is It Possible To Create A Score Without Using Standard Notation Staves?10-Feb-2005
Is It Possible To Insert Data Using The Music Staff?10-Feb-2005
Will Power Tab Editor Be Released As Open Source?20-Aug-2007
Is it Possible to Print the Contents of the Chord Dictionary?10-Feb-2005
Does Power Tab Editor Work on Windows XP?11-Feb-2005
Can I Change the Fonts and Layout of the Titles and Credits?10-Feb-2005
I Want To Buy A New Sound Card, What Do You Suggest?10-Feb-2005
Is Power Tab Editor Freeware?10-Feb-2005
Can I Sell The Power Tab Files That I Create?10-Feb-2005
Are There Any Malware Programs In Power Tab Editor?10-Feb-2005
Where Can I Download SoundFonts?10-Feb-2005
Can I Manually Set The Accidentals Used In The Music Staff?11-Feb-2005
Is It Possible To Change The Pitch Of An Instrument During Playback?10-Feb-2005
What Programming Language Was Used To Create Power Tab Editor?10-Feb-2005
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