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  1. Power Tab Archives Closed

    The PTA has been closed.

    Posted/updated by on 20-Apr-2008
  2. Power Tab Librarian Released
    Power Tab Librarian is a tool used to catalogue your Power Tab guitar and bass tablature. The software scans user selected folders for Power Tab files, extracts the metadata (Title, Artist, Album, etc.) and places the information in a database where it can be easily searched and edited.

    Download Power Tab Librarian

    -- many thanks to James Stewart for hosting.
    Posted/updated by on 26-Aug-2006
  3. Tab Sites Revisited
    Revisiting the Jan 22. article below regarding tab sites, the MPA has released a new statement on their site:

    August 10, 2006 - Worldwide Music Publishers' Associations Pledge Support for MPA's Actions Regarding Unauthorized Publication of Sheet Music and Tablature

    Since the Music Publishers' Association of the United States' announcement last December of its plans to educate and potentially take legal action against websites that illegally publish sheet music and tablature, several additional organizations worldwide have pledged support and offered cooperation in these efforts. These organizations include the MPA's of Australia, France, Germany and Great Britain, as well as the International Confederation of Music Publishers.

    In June of 2006, the campaign was pushed forward exponentially through MPA's partnership with the National Music Publishers' Association. Both the NMPA and MPA are currently moving forward in the issuance of notice and takedown letters to infringing Web site owners as well as Internet service providers.
    Posted/updated by on 12-Aug-2006
  4. Blog Entry: Power Tab Taxonomy 101
    I've added a couple of new category related fields to the header information portion of the Power Tab file format with the hopes that it will help people better catalogue their files. These fields will eventually be added to the PT Librarian with full searching and filtering capabilities. What I need now is some input on the categories themselves. The goal is to keep the list of categories as small as possible. To view the lists, click the link below. If there are any categories that you think should be added, combined, replaced or removed from the following lists, please post a comment to the blog.


    Go to full blog article
    Posted/updated by on 17-Jun-2006
  5. Power Tab Librarian Public Beta 1 Released
    For those who want to try it out, you can now download a public beta of Power Tab Librarian under the Area 51 section on the site. Keep in mind that it is not a "production" piece of software. (it doesn't even have an installer) To use it, simply extract the .zip contents to a folder of your choice and click the .exe file. Be sure to read the readme file before using it, there's important information in there.


    If you find a bug in the software, please use the Report a Bug link under the Contacts section.
    If you have feedback about the software, please use the Send Feedback link under the Contacts section.
    Posted/updated by on 24-Mar-2006
  6. Tab Sites
    1) We don't run any tab sites, so there's no point in sending us e-mails about why we should reopen site 'X'.
    2) Reason why the sites are down can be found at

    Posted/updated by on 22-Jan-2006
  7. Power Tab Parser
    For those who don't know yet, a simple project demonstrating how to read and write Power Tab files (.ptb) was released last month. The project is a wxWidgets based project released under the BSD license model, so you can use the code directly, or use a port of the code, in a freeware or commerical app if you wish. You can find the project listed under the Developers link. A developers support group has been set up at Google Groups for anyone who needs help with the code. It is also listed under the Developers link.

    We have 2 or 3 more older projects that we're cleaning and prepping up for release with the hopes that they will enhance the PT community a bit, so stay tuned.
    Posted/updated by on 05-Nov-2005
  8. Network Advisory
    The site will be down for a small amount of time next week.

    Start: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 02:00 am MT
    End: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 02:20 am MT
    Description: Router Upgrade
    Expected Impact: About 10 minutes of downtime.

    Posted/updated by on 02-Oct-2005
  9. Power Tab Archives
    We've gotten a large quantity of e-mails concerning the site status of Power Tab Archives asking us what the problem is. The answer is, we don't know because we don't run the site. The best thing to do when the PTA is experiencing problems like this is to check their forums for the latest information. If the forums are down, try revisiting the site after a couple days. If we get any information from the PTA, we'll be sure to post it.

    Update From PTA...

    We at the PTA went through a server upgrade and were down for a couple of days. We are back up and running at full capacity now.

    :: Dan "ohdan" PTA Staff Member

    Posted/updated by on 04-Jul-2005
  10. Yet Another Mailing List Change
    The old mailing list seems to have slowly dissipated into the great unknown. (That makes 4 or 5 now that have gone up in smoke) I've relocated to Google. You can continue to sign up using the Newsletter link.
    Posted/updated by on 26-Jun-2005
  11. Site Changes
    A simple new Web site design...

    All of the e-mail addresses used on the old site have been deactivated. (re: spam) All contact should now occur using the appropriate service form in the Contact Center.

    From this day forward, help and support questions will no longer be accepted via e-mail. All support related issues should now be directed to the Power Tab Support Groups. Feedback and bug reports will still be accepted via e-mail.

    The phpbb forums are gone and won't be coming back.

    The Knowledge Base Search Engine has been upgraded. It's not as fast as the old one, but it should return more relevant information.
    Posted/updated by on 12-Feb-2005
  12. Sitejacking
    It would seem the site forums were hacked sometime around 5pm EST today. I've removed the forums for the time being, and will come up with a new solution sometime in the future
    Posted/updated by on 20-Jan-2005