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  1. Power Tab Taxonomy 101
    Power Tab Taxonomy 101I've added a couple of new category related fields to the header information portion of the Power Tab file format with the hopes that it will help people better catalogue their files. These fields will eventually be added to the PT L... (Read more)
    Posted/updated by Unknown on 2007-04-03T10:48:10.593-07:00
  2. Ideas for Power Tab Librarian v1.0
    Ideas for Power Tab Librarian v1.0These are some of the ideas I have in my todo list for PT Librarian 1.0. Free free to add your own by using the comments feature:- Add delete functionality to the summary lists (delete all of an artists songs, etc.)- Cust... (Read more)
    Posted/updated by Unknown on 2006-05-17T21:13:18.920-07:00
  3. Power Tab Librarian v1.0
    OverviewPower Tab Librarian is a software tool used to catalogue Power Tab files. (.ptb files) The software scans user selected folders for Power Tab files, extracts the metadata (title, artist, album, etc.) and places the information in a database where... (Read more)
    Posted/updated by Unknown on 2006-11-21T12:50:50.440-08:00