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BUG: Editor Hangs During Playback

Article ID:000033
Category:MIDI Setup and Playback
Applies to:Power Tab Editor (1.7)
Last updated:11-Feb-2005
Bug status:Open
Bug severity:High
Revision number:10
Author(s):Brad Larsen


After pressing the play button, the Editor simply hangs instead of playing the score.


I've identified this bug as occuring when the song contains a D.S./D.S.S./D.C. al Coda (or Dbl.Coda) symbol, but the Editor can't find the corresponding To Coda (or To Dbl Coda) symbol. The following illustrates the problem using the D.S. al Coda symbol:


In the above example, we would expect the measures to be played in this order: 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 4. The problem occurs during the D.S. al Coda jumpback to the Segno. After the first measure is played after returning to the Segno, the Editor needs to determine which Repeat Ending path to take (either 1. or 2.). Since a DS al Coda/Dbl Coda jump has occured, the Editor looks for a D.S. indicator in one of the two repeat ending symbols. ; Since it doesn't find one in the first repeat ending (which is where we want it to go; that's where the To Coda is located), it jumps to the 2nd repeat ending. It then runs into the D.S. al Coda again, and jumps back to the Segno sign at the beginning of the score and the whole process starts over. The system is caught in an infinite loop!


Apply a D.S. indicator to the Repeat Ending that contains the path to the To Coda symbol. To fix the above example, we need to apply the D.S. indicator to the 1st repeat ending:

Step - Move the position indicator (the blue indicator) to the position where the 1st repeat ending is located:

Step - While holding down the Ctrl key, click the Repeat Ending button on the Music Symbols toolbar. The Repeat Ending dialog box will appear, with data for that repeat ending (notice the 1. is checked):

Step - Check the D.S. item in the list and press the OK button

The score should now look as follows:

Notice the D.S. indicator beside the 1. now? Since the first repeat ending now contains a D.S. indicator, the Editor will follows that path after the D.S. al Coda jump, leading to the To Coda symbol and eventually the jump to the Coda. This same type of reasoning applies for D.S.S or D.C. jumps.

This bug will be fixed up in the next version of the Editor by determining the best path if the D.S. indicator is not present in a repeat ending after a D.S. jump.

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